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Blues For A Cure

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SONG LIST (Click link to listen to MP3 sample)
1. Black Nights 9. I Can’t Hold Out
2. Love My Baby 10. Watch Yourself
3. Kidney Stew Blues 11. Roses Will Never Do
4. Dead Or Alive 12. A Mess Of Blues
5. Detroit Is My Home      13. I Can’t Take The Whine     
6. Steamroller Blues 14. Been Chasin’ My Baby
7. Same Old Blues 15. CC Rider
8. Unfinished Business    


Song Credits and Liner Notes

The Story

“Blues is the healer.” – John Lee Hooker

The idea behind Blues For A Cure was born during a phone call with my friend Dr. Paul McCarthy, owner of Honeybee Records. We discussed the notion that Blues music can effect positive change in the world. We then discussed how to support that notion by raising money for a charity, paying the artists a reasonable wage, and presenting an awesome showcase of live Blues worthy of festival designation. At the time, my mother was undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My younger sister and stepmother are cancer survivors and my piano player, John Popovich, is in remission. The charity was clear.

I spoke with Lori Popovich, of The American Cancer Society, and got the official go-ahead to move forward with this concept. Soon after, I met Blues enthusiast and Mediu CEO Mike Berichon, who last year lost his sister to cancer. Mike loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it. In the summer, Mike and I met with Tracy Moran and Steve Chaykowski at The OSU James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute. They embraced the idea and educated us about the different ways we could donate.

Around this same time, I met Mark Puskarich, of A Christmas To Cure Cancer, through mutual friend and musician Brian Duress. I learned that Mark and I shared a personal motivation to raise money for cancer research. He had been doing so successfully for several years through his amazing work producing and selling CDs, promoting live music events, and donating 100% of the proceeds to cancer research through A Christmas To Cure Cancer. Mark dedicated his time and resources to our new idea, and Blues For A Cure was born. The Sean Carney Band performed at a benefit event for A Christmas to Cure Cancer on November 30, 2007, at The Crown Plaza in Dublin, Ohio, and in February 2008 on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, along with Mike Albert & The Big E Band, Chris Logsdon, Kelly Crum-Delaveris and Emerson Drive.

Whiskey Dick's is where The Sean Carney Band won The Columbus Blues Challenge in 2006 and started down the road to winning The 2007 International Blues Challenge. Management at the venue was so enthusiastic about hosting the event that they donated a percentage of the day's profits to Blues For A Cure! Following a meeting with Morse Road Guitar Center Manager Patrick Scott, Guitar Center came onboard as our first sponsor, committing to provide backline for the event along with Category 5 Amplification.

The Columbus Dispatch, WCBE 90.5 FM, BluesWax, and The Columbus Blues Alliance helped us get the word out about Blues For A Cure. Our great lineup featured The Delta Sheiks, Teeny Tucker, Hurricane Jerry & Stormfront, Cal Baldi, Willie Pooch & The Upsetters, The Don Norman Blues Band with Omar Coleman (from Chicago's West Side), and The Sean Carney Band. It was an incredible event and an incredible night of music.  The folks who bought premium reserve seating felt they got more than their money's worth with seven hours of quality entertainment.

With our inaugural event behind us, Mark suggested we move forward with recording and producing the Blues For A Cure CD you now hold in your hands.  This disc is a wonderful example of the healing power of the blues, because it brought together an amazing collection of blues musicians who share the desire to battle cancer and raise awareness.  Although we planned that the CD would encompass Central Ohio blues, responses from friends in Detroit, Kansas City, Jackson (Mississippi), Cleveland and elsewhere came in to make this CD something more than we had planned.

During production of this CD, I learned my mother’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has returned. And, on May 22, 2008, we said goodbye to friend and Columbus Blues Alliance volunteer Shirley Spencer, who lost her battle with cancer.  There’s another special person I would like to acknowledge who made the first Blues For A Cure such an incredible afternoon:  Cal Baldi, who at 14, made his first appearance on stage at our event. It was to be Cal’s one and only show, as he didn’t wake up on the morning of his 15th birthday.

I am personally moved by all of the great talent that came forward to share the vision of what Blues For A Cure is all about….. through raising money to support cancer research and healing and supporting our loved ones through the power and honesty of music.  Very special thanks to Mark Puskarich, to Avis Budget Car Rental Group (allowing 100% of the donations from this CD to go to cancer research), and to my business partner/drummer Eric Blume for being the rock who makes it possible for me to pursue this very special charity.

God Bless,
Sean Carney

“I would like to dedicate my work on this CD to my mother, Mary Hinson, in her brave battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and to the memories of my dear friends Shirley Spencer, Cal Baldi, Jimmy "T-99" Nelson and Dave Bernstein.” – Sean Carney

1. Black Nights – Patrick McLaughlin Band

Patrick McLaughlin – Lead Vocal, Guitars
Manny Manuel – Bass Guitar
Darrell Jumper – Drums

Words and Music by Fats Washington BMG Music Pub Ltd/Tristan Music Ltd.
Recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

“I dedicate my performance to the memory and family of Jeffrey P. Cooper. My favorite musician and an extraordinary person. Jeff found joy in everything. I try to be more like that everyday.”  – Patrick McLaughlin

“I want to dedicate my contribution to this project to a cancer survivor that is very close to my heart. My Friend, My Partner, My Strength...... My Wife ..Linda. Love You Bubby!!!!!!” – Manny Manuel

“I want to dedicate my performance to Karen Miller. I think of you everyday.” – Darrell Jumper

2. Love My Baby – Trampled Under Foot

Danielle Hudspeth – Lead Vocal, Bass Guitar
Nick Schnebelen – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kris Schnebelen – Drums, Backing Vocals

Words and Music by Trampled Under Foot.  Mixed, mastered and produced by Steve McBride on Blue Edge Records. www.blueedgerecords.com  Recorded, mixed and mastered at SoundGate Studios, Kansas City, MO.

“For Robert N. Schnebelen and Howard D. McBride…We miss you!” – Steve McBride and Trampled Under Foot

3. Kidney Stew Blues – Sean Carney Band

Sean Carney – Lead Vocal, Guitar
David Bow – Bass Guitar
John Popovich – Piano
Chuck Moore – Saxophones
Jim Godin – Trumpet
Eric Blume – Drums

Words and Music by Leona Blackman and Eddie L. Vinson.
Recorded at Tony’s Treasures Studio, Cadiz, OH.  Saxophone, trumpet and piano recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

4. Dead Or Alive – Robert Lockwood, Jr. and Cleveland Fats

Cleveland Fats – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Robert Lockwood – 12-string Guitar

Words and Music by Robert Lockwood, Jr.
Produced by Honeybee Entertainment by Michael Robert Frank, Executive Producer Paul McCarthy, Co-Producer Chris Kofran, Engineered by Jim Godsey.  Recorded at Ante Up Audio, Cleveland, OH.  Used by permission.

5. Detroit Is My Home – Alberta Adams

Alberta Adams – Lead Vocal
Al Hill – Piano
Shawn McDonald – Hammond Organ
Pat Prouty – Acoustic Bass
Keith Kaminski – Saxophones
James O’Donnell – Trumpet
RJ Spangler – Drums

Words and Music by Patrick M. Prouty, (Leedle Music, ASCAP)
Executive Producer Frank Traum; Producer RJ Spangler; Associate Producer Jef Reynolds; Engineered by Jef Reynolds, Scott Louden & Nolen Rossi; Mixed and mastered by Jef Reynolds.
Recording courtesy of Eastlawn Records www.eastlawnrecords.com.  Recorded at Aashrum Studio, Ortonville, MI.  Mixed and mastered at Statler Studio, St. Clair Shores, MI.  Used by permission.

6. Steamroller Blues – Mike Albert and The Big ‘E’ Band

Mike Albert – Lead Vocal
Mary Sorensen – Backing Vocals
Sandy Longshore – Backing Vocals
Lorne VanFossen – Electric Guitar
Mitch Fox – Piano
Jeff Mattevi – Bass Guitar
Jan Roll – Drums

Words and Music by James Taylor.
Recorded at Tony’s Treasures Studio, Cadiz, OH.  Mary and Sandy backing vocals recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

“I would like to dedicate my contributions to this CD to my friend and coworker Lisa Thorne.  She has been a truly great example of faith and thanksgiving throughout her ordeal with Hodgins Lymophoma.  I am happy to say she is now cancer free!  Her testimony throughout this horrible disease will forever speak to her family, friends and all the students and staff at Butler Elementary School.  You go, girl!” - Sandy Longshore

"I would like to make a dedication to my cousin Ryan Armbrust. He was diagnosed, treated and is cancer free. May there be many more as lucky as you, Ryan. I love you." – Jeff Mattevi

7. Same Old Blues – Hurricane Jerry and Stormfront

Jerry Loos – Lead Vocal, Guitars
Pete Hanratty – Organ, Backing Vocals
Steve Hatcher – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Venne – Drums

Words and Music by Don Nix.
Recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

“To my mother Eva Marvaleen Loos and mother-in law Eileen Bembenek, who both died from cancer. They were loving mothers to all their children and are greatly missed. Music was an important part of their lives. I thank and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for blessing my wife Jeannie and I with the mothers we each had. I dedicate the songs I've recorded to the memory and precious lives of each of them.” – Jerry Loos

8. Unfinished Business – Reece Lincoln and The Renegades

Reece Lincoln – Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Guitar
Brad Willison – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Reck – Drums, Backing Vocals

Words and  Music by Reece Lincoln.  Used by permission.
Recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

"I'd like to dedicate 'Unfinished Business' to my grandfather Joe Mitchner, a survivor of prostate cancer. We love you Grandpa Joe." – Reece Lincoln

9. I Can’t Hold Out – Delta Sheiks

Dan West – Lead Vocal
Jim Biersdorf – Harmonica
Sam “Woody” Williams – Bass
Bill Bostwick – Guitar
David West – Drums

Words and Music by Elmore James.  Arranged by the Delta Sheiks.
Recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

10.  Better Watch Yourself – Henry Gray

Henry Gray – Lead Vocal, Piano
Andy Cornett – Bass
Lil’ Buck Sinegal – Guitar
Nap Washington – Saxophone
Earl Christopher – Drums

Words and Music by Henry Gray.  Arrangement by Henry Gray and Andy Cornett,
Executivie Producer Andy Cornett, Co-Producer Ivan Klisanan.  Mixed and mastered by Ivan Klisanan and Andy Cornett for Lucky Cat.  Recorded at The Studio in Lafayette, LA.
Publisher Showers of Rain BMI.

“This selection is dedicated to Henry's mother Virlena Gray, wife Rivers Gray and Andy Cornett's father Joseph Cornett, who all passed away due to cancer.  Also, we would like to dedicate this to our dear friend and band member Brian "BB" Bruce who is blessed and fortunate to be a cancer survivor.” – Henry Gray and Andy Cornett

11. Roses Will Never Do – Reb Robinson and Jerry Loos

Debra “Reb” Robinson – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Loos – Electric Guitar
John Ruefly – Bass Guitar
Brian Burrell – Piano
Jan Roll – Drums

Words and Music by Debra “Reb” Robinson.  Recorded at Imaginary Friend Recording, New Philadelphia, OH.

“I would like to dedicate "Roses Will Never Do" to my Uncles Tom and Lucky Robinson, who we lost after their brave battles with prostate and lung cancer.  I am proud to contribute in my small way to this wonderful project.” – Debra “Reb” Robinson.  www.rebrobinson.com

12. A Mess Of Blues – Mike Albert and The Big ‘E’ Band

Mike Albert – Lead Vocal
Mary Sorensen – Backing Vocals
Sandy Longshore – Backing Vocals
Lorne VanFossen – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mitch Fox – Piano, Backing Vocals
Jeff Mattevi – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jan Roll – Drums, Backing Vocals

Words and Music by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman.
Recorded at Tony’s Treasures Studio, Cadiz, OH.  Mary and Sandy’s backing vocals recorded at Central City Recording, Columbus, OH.

13. I Can’t Take The Whine – Dave Clo and Shane McConnell

Shane McConnell – Lead Vocal
Dave Clo – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electronic Keys & Synths
Glen Kimberlin – Bass Guitar
Jeromy Rowe – Drums

Words and Music by Dave Clo.
Recorded at Camp David Studio, Nashville, TN.  Mixed by Dave Clo.

14. Been Chasin’ My Baby – Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires with ‘Elmo’ Bailey

Dave ‘Elmo’ Bailey – Lead Vocal
Steve Gerard – Guitar
Lee McBee – Harmonica
Patrick Recob – Bass
Mike “Shinetop” Sedovic Jr. – Keys
Andy Grafitti – Drums

Words and Music by Steve Gerard, BMI. Recorded at SoundGate Records, Kansas City, MO. Produced by Steve Gerard and Steve McBride.   Engineered and Mixed  by Steve McBride, SoundGate Productions.  Used by permission.

“In loving memory of my dad John Gerard, my brother Doug Gerard, and my friend and fellow musician Dan Brown.” – Steve Gerard

15. CC Rider – Sean Carney

Sean Carney – Guitar and Vocal

Public Domain.  Arrangement by Robert Lockwood, Jr.
Recorded at Tony’s Treasures Studio, Cadiz, OH.

Produced by Mark Puskarich for Blues For A Cure and Sean Carney © 2008
Except where stated otherwise, this CD was produced and engineered by Mark Puskarich and Cody Romshak at Tony’s Treasures Studio in Cadiz, Ohio. www.tonystreasuresproductions.com
Mastered by Mark Puskarich, Columbus, OH.

“For all my efforts in producing this CD, I dedicate in honor and memory of Heather Pick Cygan.  There's a new star shining in the heavens.  God got a good one.  And to her husband Joe, daughter Julie and son Jack.  We'll always remember her." – Mark Puskarich

For additional pictures and videos, and the latest on fundraising and concert dates, please visit our websites at www.bluesforacure.org and  www.achristmastocurecancer.org.  Blues For A Cure, (DBA) under A Christmas To Cure Cancer, Inc. is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non–profit corporation.

Thanks To:

A very special thanks to the guys at Central City Recording: Andrew Dodson, Ben Miller and Max Lewis for all your tracking and flexibility with scheduling the artists.  And always, thanks to Cody Romshak and Dave Clo, without whom I’d never be able to pull this off.  To my sister Lisa for proofing everything on a minute’s notice and catching all the small things.  Andrew Schall for your beautiful designs and artwork.  Mark Frizzel and Dave Marsh, of West-Camp Press, for making my small projects of big importance to your facility.  Laura Strickland for creating our Blues For A Cure logos.  And, thanks so much to everyone for supporting our cause.  We all work so very hard to help make an impact on cancer research. – Mark Puskarich

CD cover, CD insert graphic design and CD insert by Andrew Schall.  Blues For A Cure logo designed by Laura Strickland.  www.laurastrickland.com

Song List

  • Black Nights - Patrick McLaughlin – 4:41
  • Love My Baby – Trampled Under Foot – 4:44
  • Kidney Stew Blues – Sean Carney Band – 5:01
  • Dead Or Alive – Robert Lockwood & Cleveland Fats – 3:14
  • Detroit Is My Home - Alberta Adams – 3:04
  • Steamroller Blues – Mike Albert & The Big ‘E’ Band – 3:44
  • Same Old Blues - Hurricane Jerry & Stormfront – 3:22
  • Unfinished Business - Reece Lincoln & The Renegades – 3:48
  • I Can’t Hold Out – Delta Sheiks – 3:16
  • Watch Yourself - Henry Gray – 3:52
  • Roses Will Never Do – Reb Robinson & Jerry Loos – 3:43
  • A Mess Of Blues - Mike Albert & The Big ‘E’ Band – 2:43
  • I Can’t Take The Whine – Dave Clo & Shane McConnell – 2:56
  • Been Chasin’ My Baby – Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires – 4:31
  • CC Rider – Sean Carney – 5:46

Blues For A Cure Artist List

  • Al Hill
  • Alberta Adams
  • Andy Cornett
  • Andy Grafitti
  • Bill Bostwick
  • Brad Willison
  • Brian Burrell
  • Chuck Moore
  • Cleveland Fats
  • Dan West
  • Danielle Schnebelen
  • Darrell Jumper
  • Dave ‘Elmo’ Bailey
  • Dave Clo
  • Dave West
  • David Bow
  • Debra “Reb” Robinson
  • Earl Christopher
  • Eric Blume
  • Glen Kimberlin
  • Henry Gray
  • James O’Donnell
  • Jan Roll
  • Jeff Mattevi
  • Jeromy Rowe
  • Jerry Loos
  • Jim Biersdorf
  • Jim Godin
  • John Popovich
  • John Ruefly
  • Keith Kaminski
  • Kris Schnebelen
  • Lee McBee
  • Lil’ Buck Sinegal
  • Lorne VanFossen
  • Manny Manuel
  • Mary Sorensen
  • Mike “Shinetop” Sedovic Jr.
  • Mike Albert
  • Mitch Fox
  • Nap Washington
  • Nick Schnebelen
  • Pat Prouty
  • Patrick McLaughlin
  • Patrick Recob
  • Pete Hanratty
  • Reece Lincoln
  • RJ Spangler
  • Robert Lockwood, Jr
  • Sam “Woody” Williams
  • Sam Reck
  • Sandy Longshore
  • Sean Carney
  • Shane McConnell
  • Shawn McDonald
  • Steve Gerard
  • Steve Hatcher
  • Tom Venne


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