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Recent Additions:

To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Ann Bear
Hello Dear Friends!

Here I sit with tears streaming as I watch your Web Site which I just heard about (from Tim!) What wonderful work you are doing, not only to raise money needed to find the cause, medicine and the cure, but the hope you give others by your walk and talk! You've been there, you know what it's all about and you can REALLY help! The things we go through, are tested by and the faith we live with that keeps us keepin on gives us the compassion to help others, to give them courage and encouragement as God as given to us! He never said it would be easy but He always makes a way. I have heroes in my life and you're among them, just because you've always been you, for the beautiful talent you share and the personalities that blossom. You just get "better and better". I'll never forget many years ago when Heywood told Lorne they needed to "get into another kind of music." I know Heywood probably meant country (maybe not!) " You all have a great future doing His work. He says Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel! Where we live, work and serve is the world He speaks of and you are doing it! Life in Christ just gets better and better and I've been in Christ and He in me since 1976 - still learning, still growing! My nursing home ministry is like yours: encouraging people, spending time with them, music soothes the soul like nothing else, reaches people's hearts that have been cold, closed and hardened for years and years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you, for KNOWING the need and doing the work. God will bless you for it, He already has, even before you knew what you were going to do! He uses those He knows are useable! Y'all are!

Love Always and Big Bear Hugs,
Ann Bear
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Sue Ann Sullivan

I just listened to the CD and loved it. I grew up with the original Aereon gang and feel honored to know Cody, Corrina, Lorne and Mark. I also know the vocalists on the CD since I attend Park Christian Church. The VanFossens are an inspiration to everyone who comes into contact with them. Their musical talents and Faith in God Blesses so many. I am proud to own this CD and to know the talented people who poured there hearts and souls into such a worthy and wonderful project. May God continue to Bless them all.

In Christ,
Sue Ann Sullivan
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Debbie Taylor
Mark, Cody, & the gang;

Just wanted you to know that Mom & Dad brought up their copy of the CD that they got from Aunt Marie (Strange) via Diane (Romshak) Ballog -

Nice work on a worthwhile project!

I'll be forwarding your site on to others in my "address book" --

Best of luck -
Debbie Taylor
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Sam

Hey you guys, your cd is awesome. I like the grinch and Santa Claus will hang around the most. I canít wait to come and see you in December. When I grow up I hope I`m as good as Mark at drums. Uncle Cody I think you did really good at working the computers, singing, and playing guitar. Sweet Harmony sounds the best on Winter wonderland. See you on December sixth.

Your friend Sam.
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Denise Eader

First of all (Mark), I finally got to listen to the entire CD without interruption! You guys are unbelievable. It's incredible to me that you've put together such a well-rounded CD, with such versatility and talent. Your choice of songs is perfect, the composition and arrangement of each one are perfect, and the vocals and instrument-playing on every song are perfect. You guys really are incredible. I can't say enough good about it.

As I listened, I was trying to imagine the fun and work that went into something so involved. I'm truly impressed. Ňnd to turn something so personal and personally gratifying to you individually, into something that benefits such a worthy cause and so many others is truly a selfless act. You all must be very wonderful people. This is an effort that you should feel extremely proud of for a multitude of reasons.....something you can look back on 50 years from now and feel really good about.

I feel honored to live across the street from such a great guy. I'm still hoping to make it to the benefit. I'd love to see the live performance!

Good luck. I'm sure everyone will enjoy this as much as I have (and will over the next several weeks and years to come).

Denise Eader

(By the way, great pictures on your site!)
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Amy (Pittis) Price

Hi! My name is Amy (Pittis) Price. I went to school with Mark, Cody and Lorne. I was told about this site from my best friend Lori Romshak, and was tickled to hear the samples of songs and got a kick out of seeing the video and photos. It took me back to the years of the original band members. I thought you all were great then, as i still do today. I plan to order a few CD's for xmas gifts for my family. My mother attends quite a few of Mike Albertís concerts and has seen and spoken to Lorne. And i am also going to order a CD for myself and my brother Mouse, who also was friends and attended school with the guys. I hope you all have a Very Merry Xmas.. and i think this CD and its cause is wonderful. I hope you much success. Thank You and may you all have a wonderful holiday.

Amy (Pittis) Price
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Rebecca Matteson

I was hoping to be able to get a couple of CD"S by this Saturday December 14th for a family Christmas gathering. I don't know if I can pick any up in Columbus or not. I heard about this on the radio and decided this is what I would like to give as gifts this year. My mother in law has lung cancer and will be going in for surgery through the James on Monday Dec. 16th, and buying gifts for people has just not been that important to me this year, but I do want to support cancer research. I am very thankful for The James, because my mother-in-law's first diagnosis was not very encouraging, but after going to The James, things are looking better. Please e-mail me back as soon as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Rebecca Matteson
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Beth Pettay Burdettes

I cannot believe you guys are actually back together, although the way the story reads, you were never really apart. It's kinda cool to think some of us were there when the band formed back at little Lakeland High School. And look at you guys now. My prayers are with Lorne and his family and I am sure he knows how lucky he is to have life-long friends like you guys to help him through. You can count on an order from me (of course my sister, Trisha, will need a copy).

It would be great if you could add to your website when and where you will be performing, especially in Columbus (I live in W. Worthington). I would love to bring my friends and my daughter.

It's nice to see success stories come out of our high school days.

Take Care,
Beth Pettay Burdette
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Sheri (Rowland) Warren
Hi Mark,

This is Sheri (Rowland) Warren, Amy's sister. I received the CD on Saturday and it is Wonderful!!! I think its great that you guys are still together after all of these years making great music. It is also great that you are helping Lorne and other cancer victims in this manner. If you could, would you please let Lorne, Cody and the group know how much I enjoy listening to the CD and seeing the video. Also, I would like to contact Lorne and Cody by email if possible. Let me know their email addresses if you can. Thanks again.

Keep on playing and singing,
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Michelle (Conter) Angle
This is to Mark Puskarich, Cody Romshak & Lorne VanFossen:

Having been in contact with Matt (Puskarich) recently, via e-mail, I was sorry to hear of Lorne's illness. It's great to hear that he is now in remission. That's wonderful news!! There are so many who are not so fortunate. We do all we can, but unfortunately, it isn't for us to decide what the end result will be, although we are glad when it is an occasion to celebrate.

My paternal grandparents died of cancer many years ago, and my maternal grandfather as well. My maternal grandmother, (Mark and Cody will remember her I'm sure), Viola Conter (Mam-ma), has been through two bouts of colon cancer, eleven years apart, (the most recent in 2001), and is still living and thriving at age 84!! My mother, Jo Ellen, died of Multiple Sclerosis in 1975. So as you can see, our family has been affected by cancer many times, so we are very much aware of the need for cancer research and research funds.

I will be ordering a CD, and am glad to know the proceeds will be going to a worthy cause. I will also be happy to share the CD with my family, having known some of the many voices therein.

It is nice to know old friends remain close and take care of one another. I am in contact with those who I was close with in high school, and know that friends need to be there for one another in times of need.

Thank you for your caring work and as always, there's nothing like the influence of music to get people involved in a worthy cause!!

Take Care & God Bless,
Michelle (Conter) Angle
Lakeland Class of 1985
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Lisa Bardall

I have listened to this CD so much that I wake up at night singing songs from it in my dreams!

By the time you finish reading this letter you'll think I'm crazy, but I have to let you know how wonderful I think it is!

After finding the package in my mailbox, I couldn't wait to listen to it! I sat in my driveway and listened to the entire CD! My daughter, Alicia cam out to the car once, knocked on the window and reminded me that we do have a stereo in the house. But for that brief time, I wasn't in my driveway listening to Christmas music... I was in the 8th grade, it was my 14th birthday and I was at my first "Aereon" dance! And I was hooked! Right there at the Country Club in Cadiz.

So many memories were flooding my brain! And Aereon played such a big part of those memories of my high school years. Especially when you played at Deesville. My friends and I had such a blast that summer. We were Juniors and having the time of our lives!

To this day, when I hear certain songs on the radio, or dig out my 80's music I'll tell my kids "Cody sang this" or "Lorne sang that"... so like I said, I wasn't listening to Christmas music, I was waiting to hear a song tucked away in my memory file! Especially after I listened to "Run Run Rudolph", at the end of the song where all three of your voices are heard, I was just waiting to hear you start singing, "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" or "Surrender" from the early days, to "The Kid is Hot Tonight" (1982!) or my most favorite "California Man".

By this time the car stereo is blaring - the kids can hear it in the house!! So, then comes Lorne and "The Grinch" screaching through the speakers. I turn up the volume even more and my first thought was... this is what I think of "typical Lorne" and I an visualize him singing "Rocky Mountain Way" and doing that "Thing" that he did so well, in the microphone - there's not correct spelling for that, but I'm sure you can remember what I'm talking about.

So after 17 tracks, I rush into the house and call my sister-in-law Janet (Hyde) to see if she had received her CD. She did, so we laughed and shared memories. She is so proud of all of you! After that, I called all of my high school friends. The phone lines were HOT! We laughed, we cried, we all enjoyed stepping back in time! And then as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end"... Reality Hits!.. and can hit hard.

The very next morning I received a phone call from my daughter's Junior High. They said "Mrs, Bardall, would you be the Chaperone at the dance on Friday?" Whoa, wait a minute! Was I hearing correctly? Mrs. Bardall - Chaperone! When did I get this old?.. and to an 8th grade dance... how ironic!

Through default, or not, my kids love the CD too! They both think "The Grinch" sounds better than the original. Alicia heard "Please Come Home for Christmas" yesterday on the radio. She said it was boring and just didn't have the "oomph" that Cody puts into it. Then, when we went to see the Santa Claus 2 movie, she leaned over to me and said "Sounds better when Cody sings it" when they played "Run Run Rudolph" Two more Aereon fans... ha ha! Thanks!

So now that you know I'm nuts... and you're right. I guess you would have had to have been a teenage girl to relate! But even though you had no idea... Thanks for being part of such a wonderful time of my life!

Merry Christmas!
Lisa Bardall
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Paula
Hey Mark!!

Just a note to say "Hi" and to let you know how much I continue to enjoy your CD, "A Christmas To Cure Cancer." The boys and I listen to it all the time. They especially like the Too Fat Santa Polka (of course)!! In fact, they want to take it to school to share it with their friends!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to share your love of music with family and friends, and help a great cause at the same time!! I enjoyed reading your story on the inside cover of the CD, but was saddened to hear that Lorne had been diagnosed with cancer. I pray that he is still doing well. It takes a special group of people to take that kind of adversity and turn it into something so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

I wish you the Happiest of Holidays and much success in your fundraising efforts for cancer research!!

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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Ed Huff

I just wanted to say that I can't believe that you all put this together in Piedmont Ohio. My name is Ed Huff and I was in the drum corp at Lakeland about the same time that you all had your music group. Corrina is my cousin and I know that they have been through a lot with Lorne. And also Deb is my Aunt. My parent are Dick and Karen Huff. I want you to know that this CD that mom played for me has touched every heart string in my heart and I want to commend you and a job well done. I plan on coming to Worthington in December to see you all play for the benefit. If you can please pass this message on to Corrina and Lorne and let them know that I am always thinking about them.

Ed Huff
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Michelle

Just letting you know that I received the CD today!! We listened to it right away!! It's awesome!!

I have to say it was a bit strange listening to Christmas music right now (75 degrees and humid), but it didn't matter once we started listening to the CD.

We love every piece and appreciate all the hard work you guys (and gals, of course) put in to this. It was nice to hear Cody again. It's been too long, and hearing him brought back a lot of memories, (especially pertaining to "Bye Bye Birdie"), so this was a plus as well.

By the way, my 5 month old, loves the music too. She was sitting next to me when I was downloading the music on to the computer, and began "singing" along with "Christmas Beach." She is a music lover as well, so I expect she'll be enjoying this CD for a long time. I'm sure it will be one of our Christmas favorites!!

Thanks again for getting this to me so quickly. Hope all is well, and take care.

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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Becky Wood

I was in Class Act today and saw your postcard that included the cure cancer campaign, and cd. My father died of cancer and my mother has survived cancer. I would like to purchase the cd.

Thank you.
Becky Wood
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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Becky Wheeler

Thanks so much for everything you did to make Cancer Survivors Day such a Success. Everyone I talked to said they really enjoyed hearing you guys. Some even said we could not have picked any entertainment better - so that makes me happy. I was really pleased and truly enjoyed every moment. I hope the day was a success as far as CD sales & I will be sure to include upcoming dates of events in our newsletter so perhaps you will see some of us again.

But again I must thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to perform for us. The success of this event is because of caring folks like you. God Bless you in your work.

Thanks Again,

Becky Wheeler

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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Ester J. Peck
Mark, A note to you and your very talented musical friends "to thank you" for a delightful & entertaining afternoon at the Christmas To Cure Cancer" concert! What ever paths we cross in our life time, we sometimes do not ever recognize or acknowledge, however, there is always today - Several members of your group, I've known of for quite some time and my son and daughter know them also. Your kindness of helping others, being involved and sharing your talents with music and song is very evident. May you and yours continue to be blessed this Holiday Season,

Ester J. Peck of Uhrichsville, OH Ė Sent on December 10, 2004

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To: comments@achristmastocurecancer.org
From: Kendra Buell
Mark, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the work you do to raise money for cancer research at the James has not gone unnoticed. A friend of mine recently found out that her father in law had advanced prostate cancer and the doctors gave him a prognosis of 3-6 months to live. Her and her husband moved her father in law to Mount Vernon from Atlanta so he could be close to family for his last days.

During a conversation with her I asked if they had continued monitoring his condition with doctors locally. She said that they were still looking for a good specialist. I asked her if they had checked out the James Cancer Hospital and she said not yet. I told her about the fund raising you do to aid the research for cancer and told her that it goes in part to the James. I gave her one of your original CDís and they visited your web site and ultimately contacted the James. To make a long story short, he went and received treatment and now has a prognosis for a full recovery. They have asked me to let you know how much it means to them that you do the work on the CDís and benefits and to keep up the good work.


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